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Mobile App Downloads

Parents Mobile App Features

Instant Messaging

Parents can get instant notifications and text messages which are sent by school like Attendance message, Homework, Holidays etc.

Daily Attendance

Parents can view detailed report of the holidays and attendance of child in the current academic year including presents, absentees and leaves.

Home work

When School upload the class wise homework in erp then parents can view instant homework of child.

Student Profile

Month wise Fee Detail

Gallery Photograph

Activity Corner

VAN Location

Child Space

School Erp (Operating Panel) Features

Student Profile

Displays complete profile of the student including photo, parent details, class teacher details, address and contact number.

Daily Attendance

Instant notification and detailed view of the student attendance in the current academic year including presents, absentees and leaves.

Circulars & Notices

Instant alerts on any circular/notice from school and also complete archive thereof with option of attachment download.

School Calendar

Now parents can plan the vacations and get overview of the activities happening in the school by tapping their mobile.

Daily Homework

Now the homework given by subject teacher is just a click away on your mobile with due date, description and download option.

Image Gallery

Now we have a feature of Image Gallery where you may upload images related to various events , activities.

Location Map

The Google map helping you to figure out the map and directions to the school from your current location. Isn't interesting!

School Web Link

Now parents can access the school website without typing or remembering the website address. Tap the link and you are there.

School Facebook Page

Would like to see the postings and event photographs of your school? Like to share with your friends? Let's do it!